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Cheshire's county town is Chester; the largest town is Warrington.) and has a population of around 1 million.

It is mostly rural, with a number of small towns and villages supporting the agricultural and other industries which produce Cheshire cheese, salt, chemicals and silk.

The family of Hannah Cohen, 33 (left) and her mother, Leah, 66, have paid tribute to the 'selfless and loving' pair found murdered at their Golders Green home on Friday night.

Joshua Cohen 27, who police revealed has paranoid schizophrenia, has been arrested over the deaths of his mother and sister.

After the Norman conquest of 1066 by William I, dissent and resistance continued for many years after the invasion.

In 1069 local resistance in Cheshire was finally put down using draconian measures as part of the Harrying of the North.

After medics explained to Emily and her family that there was no guarantee she'd walk again and that chemotherapy would mean losing her luscious brown locks, her family advised her to postpone her wedding.She comes out and chats to him about dropping his obsession with the vendetta. Tracy admires the keyboard that's come into the shop as part of a load of stuff Rob got from Fat Lenny - possibly some relation of Fat Brenda's?Peter and Carla open the door and come in but it seems they've only done so because Peter wants to do some sneering.I am very normal looking and behaving in day today life. Who is ready to create a family with me someone who do not have bad habits.A series of changes that occurred as English itself changed, together with some simplifications and elision, resulted in the name Cheshire, as it occurs today.


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