Ukraine women dating marriage with children

Online dating is still not that popular in Ukraine so the number of available girls is still enormously high.

When you find the girl you are really into, you can start communicating with her via instant messages or live video chat (by the way, we don’t charge any fee for registration; you pay only for communication services).

They are well groomed and devote much time to their physical appearance: they go to the gym, to beauty parlours, etc.

In general, Ukrainian women in this age group have many hobbies, and their lives are distinguished by their dynamism.

If a guy is young enough, not older than in his early 40s it is realistic and possible.

There are many Russian women in their late 20s or very early 30s who would consider marriage to a Western man of that age range and who have no children yet.

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Their marriages have broken down for various reasons, and these ladies want to change their lives, to find a new love. They usually have a great experience in housekeeping, they cook very well.

Since the most realistic age gap shouldn’t be wider than 15 years (in most cases) that puts the age of the women a late 40s to early 50s guy would be searching for in the mid 30s and up range. I occasionally come across women in their mid and even late 30s who are childless and through the years I learned that it’s almost inevitable that these childless women have “issues”.

Initially my clients get excited about finding a woman of that age range without a child, but later always make a decision to move on because certain personality issues do seem to always pop up in the course of correspondence and getting to know each other.

So basically in most cases there is a reason why these are both single and childless…

Off course some couldn’t have a child for health reasons but I haven’t come across any one of those.


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