Who is brandon smith dating dating tube

Instead, it’s better to wait to hear it from the people involved directly.

Neither Miles nor Justin has ever confirmed a relationship of any kind besides the one they have as cast mates who clearly love hanging out.

stars Miles Heizer and Brandon Flynn, who play Alex and Justin in the show, were possibly dating.

The rumors began when fans posted photos of Miles and Justin together, looking very close and comfortable with one another.

It was then that a video entitled “Brandon and Jasmine, October 27, 2013” (the date we started dating) started playing…a collage of all of the pictures we’ve taken over the last 2.5 years.

And then, the young gentleman began flawlessly singing our song, Sam Smith’s “Make It To Me”.

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I said, “sure, of course, why not.” After he had taken our picture, he said he loved the photos, asked if we wanted to see them, and handed me his i Pad.

And a platonic relationship is just as important a relationship as a romantic one.

It’s funny because it was both of our first time using the site and both of our first date resulting from a dating website!

As I instantly began to cry, he got down on one knee….

Brandon Smith, 17 [left], is on trial for murder in the 2015 shooting of James Stuhlman, of Overbrook.


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