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Vera had been in Kabul since deploying in the fall which led him to miss out on the holidays and his daughter's birthday, the mother said.

The girl and her dad had weekly Skype sessions to cope with the distance.'When Adam's sister Lindsey picked her up, she thought THAT was the surprise.

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They enter world realize that the feelings of person or animal that can great.Adam Vera's ex-wife captured the touching moment when the father reunited with their little girl after picking her up from daycare in Galveston, Texas.The parents created a plan to surprise the child by having Vera hide inside a Pokemon-themed box that read: 'Push the poke ball and flip over.'Heartwarming: The little girl is shown approaching the suspicious box that reads: 'Push the Poke ball.' The father, Adam Vera, returned from a sixth-month deployment in Kabul last week and surprised his daughter by popping out of a Pokemon-themed box The youngster is seen walking up to the suspicious box and pushes the 'button' leading the dad to reveal himself.Natasha finally got the chance to reveal all when the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier docked in San Diego on June 23 — an event she had taped and then shared on her Facebook account.In the video, the three older Daugherty children are shown being first to rush over to greet their uniformed father.Six seconds later, he hesitantly pokes Natasha's belly, saying, 'Is that real? ' He can't stop laughing as he leans in to hug and kiss his delighted wife.


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