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He’s arrogant, but not even occasionally funny like Evan or Kenny.

He’s mean, but not entertainingly so like Veronica.

He acts like he’s volatile and tough, but isn’t even close to the legitimate insanityof C. As far as I can tell, he has no redeeming qualities.

It’s also very telling that the only friend he seems to have on the show is Danny (who, sadly, didn’t bring his wife along with him), who hasabout as much personality as wood.

Simply put, it was one of the best TV ensembles ever.

As we rapidly approach major milestones for a lot of significant and spectacular shows, we've been preparing something special for you.

Played By: Allison Janney Number of Episodes: 154One of the great mysteries of Hollywood—nay, of life—is that Aaron Sorkin is a fairly condescending and certainly problematic writer of women. But her capability and combination of strength and simple compassion represented the fantasy of the Bartlet White House better than anyone. —Signature Episode: The “Manchester” two-parter that kicks off season three features C. at her lowest, after she completely blunders the press-briefing that follows Bartlet’s MS announcement/military action in Haiti.

Which women and men do we still miss 15 years later? NOTE: Only characters who appeared in two or more episodes were eligible for this list ... We left ourselves a few one-shot wild cards, because what would this list be without the Lionel Tribbeys or Evelyn Baker Langs of the show? And in the early seasons, she was the White House staffer most prone to making mistakes on the job.

This season did lay some valuable groundwork for future drama (Ev "selling her soul to the devil" and sailing to victory with the boys, and Kenny and Johanna's ocean hookup), but that was all this lame season gave us.

More early installment weirdness: There was a strange E-Trade-sponsored stock market subplot on this season (and the one that followed) that should never have been marketed at an MTV audience, still no eliminations and... Real World alums were often the underdogs (in the challenges where they were split into teams by show-of-origin), and Extreme Challenge was the first time that RW took home the victory with a stacked team.

While most of the time it’s easy enough to turn a blind eye, sometimes they’re so unattractive that you just need to say something. Ivanka’s literal job title is special assistant to the president and we know that she has an office in the White House, but what’s unclear is what she does all day besides take poorly lit pictures for Instagram.

Republican senator Susan Collins found herself in such a position earlier today when she rightly called a Nobody knows WTF Ivanka Trump’s job is. It’s no secret that musicians can get a lot of shit for voicing their political opinions.


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